Overland trip: planning to plan the planning

Meeting with my buddy this evening for all you can eat sushi and doing a little talking on what we think we are going to do for our overland trip in April.

We have a few ideas going at the moment. Trying to get in on the Overland kinja to post updates there, but Oppo likes trips and cars so it’s appropriate here too.

Here is a map with a relatively inaccurate line proposing the route:

an incredibly crude sketch of the propsed route

Right now we are looking at a 3 day, 2 night adventure in to north east Tennessee in to south east Kentucky. My family owns a cabin right on the border of Big South Fork National Park so we are going to use that as a jumping off point. It will take roughly half the day to get there, then we planned on taking service roads through Big South Fork up to Daniel Boone National Forest to a camp site for the night.
Saturday maybe squeeze in some fly fishing before continuing through the forest to the far side of the park to a decently reviewed vineyard we found. After a tasting or two, we are looking at heading back in to the park to hit up a few of the shooting ranges and either booking it back to the cabin for a night in a bed or camping out - still ironing out that part of the plan.
Sunday will include some early morning fly fishing and heading back to the real world.

My buddy’s Defender 110 we’ll be cruising in for your time

Ominous pic of the 110 we will be riding through the woods in 

Thanks to benjrblant and bigger thanks to Rufant for suggestions/tips/links/and more to give us some starting points as we plan more this evening.

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