Of course not. But I did carefully drive forest roads in Pisgah near Asheville, NC, do some roadside primitive camping and some nice hikes.

Arriving at my target area on Friday night, all of the designated roadside campsites had tents already on them, or large groups. Fortunately one had an individual who was present and who was okay with me setting up my tent in the area. He and I talked cars by the fire and he explained that he was a local who typically liked camping in the winter because there are fewer people. Sounded like he really appreciated his Jeep and it’s abilities, and made a lot of use of them in offroad trails and deep snow. This is nice to contrast with a co-worker who has to get a 2-inch lift on his new Wrangler and 33-inch tires or else it is too “girly” - but who tells me that he doesn’t off-road it (he does have a farm, so I’m sure it sees SOME dirt, at least).


He took off while I was out hiking on Saturday, so Saturday night was quiet and all to myself. Well, except for the fellows who showed up late in the afternoon at the campsite around the bend and had the subwoofers booming down the valley for a good hour and a half. I considered heading home early, but they stopped eventually, so all was good. Back to me, the hornet that fell in to my beer and got drunk before I poured him out to live another day, the hummingbirds, and the sounds of the little creek.

This morning I finished packing the car and found that all the time with the doors open finished off my 3.3 year-old (original to the car) battery.

Wouldn’t start the car. I had no cell service and was 20 minutes drive from a paved road. Fortunately, the two young guys at the campsite just around the bend (the ones with the subwoofers) were only seconds away from taking off, and one had jumper cables and kindly helped me get the car started. So I headed straight home instead of going for another hike, and this allowed the car to be dead in my driveway for AAA to come out and sell me a new battery.

All worth it.


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