Typical sight. BMW, Mercedes, Audi are all over the market. Cadillac and Lexus are getting a lot of press for their crazy and polarizing designs. Doug DeMuro occasionally writes something about Land Rover. People see the new Jaguar XE and start crying. They all get attention.

But what about Infiniti?

Infiniti makes RWD reliable sporty pretty luxury cars (say that five times fast) with base V6ā€™s that are completely forgotten. When was the last time a yuppy couple thought ā€œyes, we need to lease an Infiniti!ā€


So what have we learned from the pretty pictures above? Buy a new Infiniti! Buy a secondhand Infiniti! Shove the word Infiniti down your loved oneā€™s throats.


At this rate, theyā€™re going to be out with Acura and Volvo.