My little brother was watching it on TV and it had gotten to the fight scene where Plankton had shown up, and while my brother marveled at Plankton’s abilities, I was looking at something else: the CARS.

Plankton had shown up with his new superpowered body and lifted up a pirate ship to get back the secret formula. My brother said “whoa!” at the same time as I did. He asked me, “wasn’t that cool?!” And I responded, “yeah, did you see that thing?!” He said to that, “what thing?” Me: “the Volkswagen Thing!”

Good God, that’s some bad quality

Also in that same frame; a Volkswagen Type 2 T2!

I apologize again for the bad quality

As I’m going on about the cool cars pictured there, my brother just laughs at me and calls me a nerd. Slapboxing match ensued. After that, I decided to keep quiet so he doesn’t talk more shit but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this:


Enhance! (Just because):


I mean, who WOULDN’T be happy to see these guys? That’ll be a ‘64 T-Bird, a Beetle and a CJ-7. (A second slapboxing match followed). I think it’s cool to see these in a show that’s not as good as it was before (the new ones just aren’t as good), it’s kind of a redeeming quality. Anyways, that’s all. Continue signing your paperwork for your two newly purchased e-Golfs.

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