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Overnight Parts from... England?

Seriously - overnight. And it was way cheaper than you’d expect.

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I made a post last week about ordering a whole load of parts for the Mini. I typically order from Minispares (near London) because they have the best prices including shipping. As a bonus, they ship a lot faster than a lot of the US-based distributors, too.

The Timeline

As shown above, this was a big box. You could fit a person in there. At this speed and this price, I think I figured out my return flight the next time I’m in England.


The box was handed over to DHL at 1:40PM local time (1240 GMT) on Monday, and it was originally scheduled for delivery on Wednesday. It headed to the DHL facility at Gatwick (south of London) and flew that evening to East Midlands Airport.

DHL flies from East Midlands Airport to Cincinnati, and customs approval is done before it even hits the gate. It took 2 hours and 33 minutes from the “Arrival” at Cincinnati to the Departure to O’Hare.


It made it to O’Hare at 7:30AM local time (1230 GMT) yesterday - just early enough to get onto a delivery truck. The parcel was delivered at 1:45PM (1845 GMT).

30 hours, 5 minutes.

If you don’t factor in the time change, that’s 24 hours, 5 minutes. Pretty incredible.


Here’s the tracking report:

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The Cost

The best part out of all of this? The cost. DHL’s international courier rates are pretty incredible. This 17kg (37.5lb) parcel made it to me for £60 - that’s about $87.50.


I didn’t measure the box to find out, but I guarantee that an overnight shipment from the next state over would cost me more than $87.50.

This isn’t an ad for DHL, but this service is no joke. This is the third or fourth parcel I’ve had shipped from London in the past year. Every single one arrived within 2 days.


What’s in the box?

This is the good part. The post I mentioned above talks a little bit about what I ordered, but it was coming from a few different places. The new air filter, head gasket, and AFR gauge showed up over the weekend.


Here’s an annotated photo of what was in this box specifically.

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A - Intake Manifold (replaces the single-cast factory manifold)

B - SU carb rebuild kit

C - AAU carb needle

D - Intake/Exhaust manifold gasket

E - Cork valve cover gasket

F - Rocker shaft

G - Rocker shaft spacer kit

H - Rear box for exhaust

I - Downpipe for exhaust

J - Forged rockers (1.3 vs. the factory 1.25 ratio)

K - Exhaust Manifold

L - Exhaust hanger kit and gaskets (oh god where are the instructions)

M- HT Leads

N -Rear drum brake adjustment kits (2)

O - Thermostat gaskets

P - Plug for the hole in the intake manifold

Q - Super long extended magnetic drain plug

R - Rocker cover bushings

This is in addition to my new Cooper cylinder head and the other bits I mentioned above. I’m not sure about my current power numbers, but it’s not set up right. Probably in the 20hp-ish range if I’m lucky. With a good tune, these parts could net me closer to the 40-50whp range. It’ll still be slow, but at least it’ll have a bit more pep. Total cost including all the parts and shipping should be right around $1000. Not a bad deal.

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