A week ago I ordered some parts at Rock Auto, most arrived yesterday. That’s what I call fast service.

A floor pan: at some point, the heater core was leaking, causing the front passenger footwell to rot. It was repaired by screwing some sheetmetal in. At least they used galvanized metal, and they used sealant so no water comes in when driving on a wet road. But the screws are sticking out on he underside and this has to go.

A new molded carpet: the old one is... well... old, and stained, and it tears easily. The new one is also backed with some sound deadening material. The old one was tuxedo black, the new one will be plain turquoise.


And new floormats: I‘ll remove the torn vinyl cover and replace it with some nice carpet, tuxedo turquoise with red bowties. They really tie the interior together.


And I just got an email: the headliner is on it’s way, too. I love fast service.