Overspray is completely gone from my car!

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So, this happened yesterday, or rather, I noticed it yesterday. Long story short, fences in our parking lot at work were painted black and mine and two other vehicles were peppered in black paint.


The guy who painted the fences, and was ultimately responsible for cleaning the cars, was a really sweet dude. He took full responsibility and was totally willing to do whatever was necessary to get the cars fixed. Which, as many of you said, was completely taken care of with a clay bar.

He called in some mobile detail guys and they did the full wash, clay bar, and wax. Mine and a Charger SRT-8 that belongs to one of the girls our office (pretty sure it has a muffler delete or something). My car looks better than it did before the paint spray.


I hope it wasn't too expensive for the poor guy. I totally felt bad for him. He's a good dude.

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