Help Oppo, my coworker has ruined my weekend and part of my week.

I let him change my tires on my car for me, figured he could handle it as he was a tire tech at our shop. He torqued my lug nuts down to over 200ft/lbs and rounded off most of my lug nuts. I’ve managed to get all of them off except one, it’s 100% round as in it is literally a circle now.

Things I’ve tried:

3 foot piece of pipe and a breaker bar
Turbo socket
Hammering 1mm smaller over it and using a breaker bar
Hammering 1mm smaller than that over it and using a breaker bar
Welding a socket on it
Drilling the stud out

My car has been on jackstands since Wednesday trying to get this lug off. Any suggestions help.

Here’s a photo of some nice wheels to look at while you think.