I’m not on twitter begging for free loot boxes like everyone else, but I am bummed that Overwatch servers are down on Easter. I appreciate Blizz trying to get the servers back up ASAP, and those guys working on Easter are TRUE AMERICAN HEROES.

Anyone else play on PC? They did shut down PS and XBOX servers too so feel free to grip if you play console too.



Anyone have experience owning and fixing an old beetle? I want to get a cheap one this summer and fix it up. I’m thinking 60's / early 70's. I really want to try rebuilding an engine. I think a relatively light air-cooled beetle engine that is only held in with a few bolts would be a nice place to start getting my hands dirty. And parts are cheap enough that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I really screwed things up. Share your experiences if you have any please!

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