Clearly, I have been spending too much time playing my five string. Who writes this much plucking for bass?

Don’t get these from playing clarinet.

Oh, right. Heart does. Because Ann Wilson has to be backed up by a rhythm section that can keep up with her.

All the time, people say, “You teach middle school? There’s not enough money in the world to get me to do that.” Yeah, but we have our fun, too. Elementary schoolers are generally too young to understand how much work something like this is, while middle schoolers (all of whom have had either band, choir, or orchestra for at least one year) appreciate and understand the work it takes to do this. High schoolers would be more likely to roll their eyes and act unimpressed; acknowledging that their teachers might rock harder than them, let alone admitting that an adult (or six) might still have some cool left, would be completely unacceptable.

The cat playing lead guitar in the middle isn’t faculty, but a former student of mine, played percussion for me about six or seven years ago. The other guitarist is a special education teacher, and our drummer is our joke. Dude’s a huge metalhead. I’m the only nerd in the group who just plays in church every now and then. (The dancer/harmony singer is a 7th grade writing teacher.)

One more show to go, but not for another hour and a half. Guess I’ll just sit here and read today’s Oppo posts while I wait.