I am passionate about 2 things. Cars and wristwatches. There have been many watches in the last few years that give us the look and feel of automotive racing but few are able to offer what the new Christopher Ward C9 GT40 wristwatch can.

First off it is just a very pretty watch to look at.


The black dial gives you the look of a vintage tachometer and at the 6 o’clock position is a beautiful power reserve indicator made to look like fuel gauge. The look is streamlined and very stunning.

The party piece on this watch is attached to the ETA movement located under a sapphire crystal in the back.

The laser cut wheel that you see on the back of the watch is actually made of a piece of the historic back to back winning LeMans Ford GT40 Chassis number P-1079 that recently sold in excess of $11 million.


The metal came from one of the wheel nuts on the car that were replaced during a restoration. This is a very special piece from a very special car.


They are limiting production of the watch to 40 units and it may just be the cheapest way you can own a part of a historic LeMans GT40 yourself.

If you want to know more check out their site:


I don’t work for them honest, I do own one of their watches already and they are one of my new favourite makers out there. I just thought it would be something that Jalops would love.

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