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Owner Groups

FB is an interesting topic here on Oppo since I know many of you don’t like the having your lives out there and keeping some privacy from the all seeing eye.

I enjoy it most of the time, and being 25 I have those friends that I can only contact through FB since they are so flaky it is the only concrete way to talk to them. Anyway another great feature is Owner groups. When I bought my AH Sprite 7 years ago, I joined a few Austin Healey pages. Well just recently I started talking to a very friendly Canadian (no surprise) about his 100-6 BN4 and 3000 MKII that may be for sale. I am personally much more interested in the 100-6.

[the] 100/ 6 BN4 with MK2 engine, drums, needs floors and sills which I bought, has restored seats in vinyl , runs ok , drove it where it is now. Could have running pretty quickly.


It would be such a cool car to own. I have always wanted a big Healey.

Would be a fun car to replace the 928 and the Sprite. As much as I don’t want to sell the Sprite, I would rather have a full running car that I could make a driving project you know? Plus having a MKII 3000 motor in it would be so awesome. Maybe I’ll be able to have the money to buy and import this from Canada, but if not oh well. Would be neat to drive it around a bit in Canada first... I wonder if there are any Oppos up there that would like to work on a big Healey?

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