While one thing has a motor, and the other doesn’t, they both attract a shit ton of attention, which can be quite annoying. They also both seem to encourage people to ask rather personal questions: “How much was that?” “How much do you make?” “What do you do for a living?” And people also just invite themselves to drool all over it, or in the case of the Ferrari, sit in it.

I remember RCR’s review of a DeLorean, and the owner had to put a stick between the door sills because people at car shows would just get in it. I have a cone in front of my box but people walk right past that and stick their head in the hutch. And before I started zipping up the cover on it, people were pulling it up to look behind it.

I didn’t buy this toolbox to show it off, I bought it to store the tools inside which I spent a shit ton of money on. It just kills me how disrespectful people are. And it’s worse when they get pissed off at me when I tell them to step away from MY property. But it is fun to have them taken aback when I don’t tell them how much it cost, and enlighten them to the fact that it’s personal, and none of their damn business.

Oh and the “clever” jokes were old the minute I got the box. “You can sleep in there.” “Do you have a shower installed?” “Wow! You can put a refrigerator in there!” And everyone tells one of those jokes, there’s never anything original.

And all this shit is even more frustrating on a day like today when I want to stab my boss more than normal, and customers are cussing me out because I did my job.


I really wish people could just respect other people’s property.