Has anybody here done this? I don’t mean the same exact car, like you sold it and bought it back again later, but the same make, model, and generation. Has anyone here done this?

I loved the Infiniti J30 that I used to have. I mean, that car, driving it always made me happy no matter what. It met an untimely end due to a wreck on the highway. I miss it. I have my Infiniti I30 now, and I love it just as much, and it’s great to drive, but being a little bit bigger and FWD, as compared to the smaller, four-door coupe shape of the RWD J30, it’s not quite the same.

There was just something about it that I adored. It seems like prices on most of them are going up, unfortunately, but one day, I dream of owning that car again. I want it set up the same way my first one was, with the black body and black leather interior. It had a certain smell to it. There was a certain, how do you say, nirvana when driving it. It was just unlike any other car. Maybe because it was the first car that I actually bought myself. I worked hard to pay for it. And I put exactly 6,000 miles on from the day I bought it to the day it died. I truly do miss it.

Also, keep in mind, if I ever do get one again, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done this. I’ve got two first-gen Durangos, a 2000 and a 2002, and I love driving the Durango as well. It’s a completely different type of vehicle of course, and a different feeling when driving it, as compared to a small Japanese car.

But, what I loved about the J30 I think was the drivetrain. It shared an engine with the Nissan 300ZX, a 3.0L V6 putting out 210 hp in the J30, and combined with RWD, even with an auto, I could get that thing around a corner pretty easily.


Maybe someday, I’ll own one again. Not for a few years, but hopefully soon enough, before all the decent examples go away.

Anyone that’s done this, does it fill a void? Is it the same experience you remember, or is it just nostalgia goggles?