Today, I took the long way back to Alabama. It was through north Georgia, specifically, the Blue Ridge mountains. Every corner I fell more for the car. Every apex, every exit, every whistle and pop, was incredible. It, like the Slowrunner, makes you want to drive like an ass.

I haven’t smiled as much as I had today in a while. Until about 250 miles in...

View from an empty mountain road, EMPTY.

That’s when I pulled off the road, and turned the car off to look out. When I turned the car back on, the screen didn’t come on(Second time this has happened). Not a huge deal, but was slightly annoying to have to stop again and recycle the car.

But that wasn’t the only issue, the next is a slightly larger problem. Unintended acceleration. Luckily being a manual, I just popped it out of gear and it stopped, but it did a full 2nd gear pull all by itself... Probably going to get that one checked out...

Pictures for your time:




Edit: r/Fiesta ST may have solved my problem. If cancel CC, it still holds the set speed, even if stop, shift, etc. With the location of the CC buttons where they are, I probably bumped resume. So basically it was going to try it’s hardest to hit 80 in second gear.