There are moments in our lives when we see awesome things at the worst moments (like when we're driving and can't reach our phones/cameras right away). Unfortunately, I had that very thing JUST happen.

Photo Credit: Motor Authority

This last Tuesday, I had made a day trip to Jackson, WY to pick up the MacBook Pro I'm typing this post on. Said Mac's screen was recently replaced, but that's semi-irrelevant to this post. Anyways, I had been driving down from southern Montana through Idaho, and had recently crossed over the state line into Wyoming. Anyone who's driven into Wyoming over WY-22/ID-33 knows that you go over Teton Pass before heading into Wilson and Jackson. Teton Pass is such a scenic and beautiful stretch of mountain road that isn't for the faint of heart to traverse. Anyways, I had just come down from the pass and was heading into Wilson when I witnessed something I'd probably never see again. Coming around the turn into Wilson, I saw 3 GM production mules (specifically, a 2016 Volt and 2 unidentifiable mid-size Chevrolet/Cadillac sedans) wearing the same camo as the above-pictured Volt driving their way up the pass. Of course, by the time they entered my field of view, it was already too late for me to grab my phone and photograph them. Missed. Fucking. Opportunity.

Make of it what you will, but I know what I saw. I tried finding the mules/spyshots in the news reports hoping someone would've photographed them, but to no avail.

Oh well. Hopefully, I can spy shoot the next production mules I lay eyes on...