Planning a trip to the Ozarks on my VTX over Memorial Day. Anybody have tips on where to ride, what to see, or what to eat while I’m down there?

I have reservations at the Joplin Campground near Mount Ida, AR for two nights. Itinerary will be:

Day 1 (5/26)

Leave around 12:00 and ride to the Kansas City KOA

Day 2 (5/27)

Depart Kansas City KOA 8-9am and ride two lane roads down through Missouri to my campsite, hopefully stopping at Mount Magazine along the way.


From there things get more open ended. Day 3 will be a day for me to ride around and check out the Ozarks, ending up back at my campsite that night. Day 4 will be the beginning of the journey home. Hopefully spend the morning riding more good roads, then hitting the interstate to get some miles before crashing at a hotel. Day 5 will get me the rest of the way home.


Anybody have any tips on what I should see/do while I’m down there?