Turns out cylinders tend to misfire when the fucking valves don’t seal because they’re bent. On the plus side there is a 99% chance I’m taking this car and shoving it up the dealers ass, but on the down side I’m out one damn fine 2007 STi and one nice shiny new but cursed 2017 FoRS. Waiting on the flat bed to come pick it up again, but this makes the third trip to the dealer to fix the head since 2/6/18. Round one, replace head gasket on the Ford issued TSB. Round 1.5, never mind, don’t come to pick it up the CEL came on when we test drove it. Round two, send the flat bed, the CEL came on before I made it back to work after picking it up. Round three, send the flat bed again, CEL came on a whole day and half after I picked it up.


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