P3 and Their Place in Endurance Racing

The development of the P3 class for international endurance racing (WEC, IMSA(?), etc.) has left me a bit perplexed and I would like y’alls input on the matter.

Why the hell do we need it? If the ACO set P2 up to be the class for privateers with a Pro-Am driver format and a discouragement of outright factory participation, where does the P3 class fit in at all?


As for IMSA, P3 seems like a great replacement for PC. They are modern (both in looks and safety) and decently cost efficient if handled correctly. However, with only four constructors being allowed to construct P2 cars from 2017 forward how does that effect IMSA’s top class?

I know there are a lot of questions, but it seems the formula for the ACO to muck about with a popular class of racing only leading to reduced numbers is still the best management theory they’ve got.

Please share your insight into the matter as it seems a bit odd to me.

Have some privateer prototypes for your time!


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