P71 Battle Damage Assessment and Repair: All Hail the Rattle Can!


I had a chance to begin assessing the state of my 2010 Police bruiser. It turns out that the body damage is comprehensive and that only the driver side rear quarter is unaffected. I managed to get the hood down nearer to where it’s supposed to be, cut out the most mangled sections of the front fender, and replaced the passenger front door. Then I rattle canned the door panels to make the body all one color and I do say that I find the car to be a good deal more presentable. Next thing, I’ll work on cobbling on some front lights.

There’s an ECU issue: the cat monitor(s) won’t reset after much driving — all conditions in the FoMoCo Driving Cycle have been met more than once — and I am told that if there is an O2 sensor or a cat that is marginal, this could keep the ECU from making a decision. So a more extensive diagnosis is in order, undertaken whilst driving. It turns out also that I can get a provisional 60-day registration pending smog certification. So I’m taking Friday off and meeting my pal the expert diagnostician and shop owner, then going to DMV at 7:45 on Saturday morning. And I’ll be ordering a custom plate, but I will not reveal what that will be, though I’ve determined that it is available.

This is my report.

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