Well me drilling the head out to 18mm then using an insert then another insert inside the original worked.
Car is up and running and I’ve put 60 miles on it.

It’s sitting in my driveway because it doesn’t fit in my garage. Even with the pushbar against the wall, the garage door wont close. It’s either remove the pushbar or park it outside. Outside it goes.

Gave the car a bath and a cleanout. Plan on removing the seats tomorrow to get the stuff I couldn’t reach and clean the vinyl flooring. Clean the rest of the car and enjoy it.

Victory burnouts were had, and some gravel lot donuts also. Car is throwing 1 code for a MAP sensor and my local Autozone ordered me one so I could throw that on tomorrow.

I’m just happy it worked. I didn’t think it would but it was worth a shot. I figured either way if it worked, it worked. If not, I’d just replace the motor rather than pulling the head, retiming the engine and all that.

The 20 dollar Wally world Dual radio really doesn’t sound bad. I used to be into car audio back in the day and saw brands like that as junk. For it’s price it’s really not bad paired with the factory speakers. Probably only fix the twist wires together and electrical tape install job and just let the radio be, until something happens.

Car has bluetooth, V8, RWD,cruise control, power mirrors, locks and windows. What else do you really need? Nothing IMO. It’s a $1500 dollar CVPI.

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