$1,300 and 42,000 miles on the Vic and 90-mile thunder run home last night. The Vic is a 2010 model and I am told the ‘10 and ‘11 models had beefed-up transmissions. This thing drives like a CHAMP, even in its current condition.

Now, all I need is a plasma cutter and a shoe horn.

The Ranger was a gift from my friend.

For those of you who knew me, I was O.C. and Rusty is still around, but that effort hit a snag and this project got dropped into my lap. My conversation with Missus went like this:

Me: “I want to buy a Crown Vic to re-engine the Ranger and make a driftmobile out of it.”


She: “Why do we need another car?”

Me: “We don’t need another car.”

She: “Why do you need another car project?”

Me: “I don’t need another car project.”

I sold some of my Tesla stock to pay for the car. Appropriate?

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