PA Car Show Happenings

In a bit under 2 weeks, my 2 favorite car shows of the season are happening!

First up is Import and Kit Car Nationals @ Carlisle May 15-17. If you post on Oppo, this is relevant to your interest. Import here does not mean Hondas with fart cans and wings, it means weird old stuff we all dig... Citroens, Peugeots, Renaults, Saabs, Volvos. And crazy ass kit cars! I think my buddy is going to have his ‘81 Audi Quattro Rally Car up there. It’s currently a driving restoration, and I’m always excited to see the progress he’s made. Info here:


So maybe imports aren’t quite your thing. Well I’ve got you covered, because if you want to see some cool old American Iron, you need to go to the Latimore Valley Jalopy Showdown on May 16th at the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds in York Springs, PA. It’s an eclectic collection of built, not bought, roadsters, rat rods, and customs. My favorite is the gratutitous engine porn featuring early Firepower Hemis, Nailheads, Flattys and cool stuff like Latham plate superchargers. And then there’s the people watching... There’s also live music, lots of beer, and they hose down the old horse track and take the jalopys out for a spin. A little more info here:…

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