More trades came in today! Today, it's one from Jeff Simmons, and one from Sasquatch!

Both were actually for Matchbox BMW 1M's. I think I'm officially out of those.

These are all pretty bad, compared to my usual. I don't know why.

From Jeff came the cars, a Scion paper car, AND CHUCK E CHEESE COUPONS.

The original trade was for the Toyota, he threw in the other one for a surprise!


The red one is a HW design, called Zotic. Kinda reminds me of a Lamborghini.

The 2000 GT, with blurriness piled on. I cannot photograph black cars to save my life.


A classic German from Sasquatch waits to see daylight.


Here we see the wild E30 emerge from hibernation.

Oh no! We've scared it! Apparently Hot Wheels don't have much traction on paper.

After calming it down, I realized the wheels on the BMW were a little tough to move. I found out why when I looked inside: The interior was put in backwards! Now I'm going to think of it not as a normal E30, but one built for LeMons. I've never had an error car before. So it'll most likely stay like that.