Packaging, come on, really!?

I like to clean cars, not sure If I’ve ever told anyone that and also like whiskey.

Well I recommend car cleaning products online and whiskeys/ies to customers at work.

So I buy small bottles, etc... to make samples for people so rather than me recommend a product and they spend the money and not like it, I bottle some up, give it to them to try and if they like it, they go and buy some, if they don’t like it, they haven’t lost anything from it and they’ve tried something different to what they might of gone for.


This in mind I bought some more glass bottles (5x 50ml size and 5x 30ml size).

The box they sent was ridiculous.

Now, I’ve taken out two 50ml bottles and filled them with whiskey for a customer at work to try but still, come on.


It was full of ‘airbags’ to protect the glass bottles but really.

Without the airbags I could get 108 50ml bottles along the bottom and 126 30ml bottles on top of them, even allowing for a 20% reduction for protective packaging, that’s still 86 50ml bottles and 100 30ml bottles you could get in there for ten bottles total.



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