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Packed up, ready to go. I hope...

Well, it’s off to Boy Scout Summer Camp tomorrow morning.

My son, 12 other scouts, three adult leaders and I are spending a week at camp. The weather looks to be agreeable for the next few days, maybe rain Wednesday, but doesn’t look too bad. Most importantly, no rain tomorrow or next Saturday, when we pack up and leave. I’ve inherited my dad’s habit of over-packing, but I’d rather have additional gear than not have it. I’m borrowing his Dodge pick-up anyway, and have more than enough space to bring things with me. As an added bonus, our camp site is maybe 200 feet from where I park the truck, so it’s not like I have to walk 3/4 of a mile to our site. As this is my vacation time, I’m spending a good deal of it fishing, hopefully with my son on occasion. He’s 15 now, and usually is off with his friends more often than not. Here’s hoping everyone’s week is as stress free as mine will be. Nothing is easier than camping with 12 kids, most under the age of 14. S/ 


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