This washed up on our beach last summer. its not it great shape but it floats. You can see it hasn’t been legal for a while (4-91) but were pretty sure it was originally a scout camp canoe that was the victim of botched knotts merit badge (there is a scout camp about 4 miles north on the lake).

thats all.

Oh, towing the big boat with the little gx was fine. I mean i never got over 45 and I only towed it 7 miles, but being at 6000 feet towing a 7000 lb boat with a 5500 lb car with only 263 hp is surely felt. 12500 lbs of road train for what at this elevation would be AT BEST 216 hp

Trying to tow this over hill and dale, even as lights as could be made would still be work. That being said it didn’t feel much slower than my cruiser pulling my 3500 popup and the air suspension made it level and it was super stable. It could do it, slowly and with effort...but it could do it.


Turns out Land Cruisers aren’t the penultimate way to burn fuel as I had previously thought. 19 gallons for 4 hours while tubing and surfing. Nearly 5 gallons an hour! dayum. Surfs good though.