Hey man, I need some imput on the Dutch used car market, so i thought maybe I should ask someone in the know. Here’s a pic you, and everyone else might like, for your trouble.

My search for the ultimate 7-seater family hauler DD goes on, and right now I’m looking into a car I always liked: the Volvo wagon. Specifically the first curvaceous V70 from around 2001-2004 is the one falling into my price bracket, and to my surprise there are quite a few on sale with the extra seats in the trunk. Altough my wife isn’t too hot about wagons, she knows how comfortable big Volvos are, so this might just be the ticket.


Now the thing is, a lot of these are sale in the Netherlands, and considerably cheaper too, than in neighboring Germany. Can you tell me why that is? Is it some Holland-special tax thing, that makes otherwise good used cars cheaper, or is there some special problem I should know about?

Also, do you, or anyone else have some experience re: 5-pot Volvos with automatic ‘boxes? This should work as a comfy cruiser, so I’d go the full mounty, if there’s no big worry with the slushbox.....


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