Well, it’s been fun. However, due to circumstance, it just doesn’t make sense to keep her anymore. I just don’t use anywhere near her full potential, and although it’s bittersweet, I should probably let go. If you’re in British Columbia, and have $2500 to spend on a custom camper with a bunch of bolt-ons, email me at thomas.hundal@gmail.com . Since you guys are family, I want you to have first pick. The only thing it needs is a new pre-heater hose so you aren’t breathing in header fumes when you turn on the air conditioning. It’s a $10 part from Rock Auto. She may not be pretty, but she has no rot holes or badly damaged panels. She’ll start every time, and is ready to take you across the continent and back. Only a 305, but it has a working LSD, a good trans, and decent tires. All exterior trim is complete, and the dash doesn’t rattle. It comes complete and ready to camp. All it needs is love.