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Paging all the E9X fans and a “you know your oil leak is bad...”

First off, anyone have tips on what to look for on a 2009 328i x drive? There is one near me for $10.5k with 70,000 miles which seems pretty reasonable. Price seems high for the year but low for the miles. I think with a naturally aspirated 6, AWD, and a little more room and the ability to add a roof rack I would be a bit happier with a 3 than the beetle. The only problem? It’s black.

Second, you know your oil leak is bad when your 4 year old can see it(if you’re unfamiliar with four year olds their observation skills for slight things are generally subpar). Yesterday my 996 deposited two decent size oil stains after parking. When I got home I laid next to the engine while it was running to see if I could spot the leak. Oil was running down pretty consistently from one part and *I think* starting from the cam actuator solenoid cover, so much so, my four year old laid next to me and when I pointed in the general direction she was like “hey I see the oil running down!”. Thankfully the seal is a $17 part and I may not even have to jack the car up. I’m hoping it’s not coming from higher up, it’s not common for these seals to leak that much. And the AOS is a little above there and that’s a way more involved replacement.


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