I know you were wondering about the transfer case and the full time 4wd system in the Joop JL. Our man David says its the MP3022 case from the liberty. Which means it will act like Select Trac II. Its electronically controlled clutches that do the work, no center diff.

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The MP3022 transfer case provides the following benefits:

Active, on-demand four-wheel drive requires no driver input.
Instantly anticipates slip and preemptively redirects torque as needed.
Vehicle stability under all conditions because torque is constantly being transferred.
4WD Low operation mode provides an advantage over vehicles equipped with a single-speed all-wheel drive transfer case.
Electric shifting between 4WD Auto and 4WD Low provides smooth operation and improved NVH control compared to systems with mechanical linkage.
Enhanced traction and stability provided by the Traction Control and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) working in tandem with four-wheel-drive.
A robust design and sealing for reliability.
A neutral mode permits flat towing.
Transfer case operating ranges are:

Operating positions: 2WD - 4WD Auto - N - 4WD Low.
2WD = 2 wheel drive.
4WD Auto = Electronically controlled wet clutch for torque biasing.
N = Transfer case neutral for 4-wheel flat recreational towing.
4WD Low = Low range (2.72:1) part time mode.
The 4WD Low range is for off road use only. It is not for use on hard surface roads unless the road surface is wet, slippery, or covered by ice and snow.

The low range reduction gear system is operative in 4WD Low range only. This range is for extra pulling power in off road situations. Low range reduction ratio is 2.72:1.


I think its similar to a Borg Warner TOD drive where the clutching is done progressively as needed, should be very smooth. It also appears they’ve added a 4hi locked mode which wasn’t available in the Liberty. Another interesting quirk is that it requires the US of CV axle stubs instead of U-joints. Interesting stuff.