I’ve got first crack at a rough 2002 before the owner posts it for sale. It’s a 74' with a soso respray and 105k miles. It’s got shitty wheels of an extreme offset, and some other ebay mods. I’ve only seen one pic on someone else’s shitty phone and been able to ask a few questions through another person.

Apparently it runs “ok”, when I said “runs like I can drive it an hour home ok?” the answer was a hesitant “yes.” I might make the sale contingent on this haha.


The respray looks ok (waiting for him to send pics), but like one notch above pep boys ok. It’s a pretty blue but not a factory color.

He wants $5500. If it runs I’m going to start around 4k.

I’d be buying with the intention of an eventual full restoration, bare metal repaint yadayadayada.

So guys/gals. What should I look for besides rust, on that note are there any sneaky places that I ought to look for rust? When should I just say no?

I can get a PPI but I’m not sure that I want to. My inde mechanic is a pessimist when it comes to older bimmers and I don’t want his good sense to get in the way of my emotions.