I am writing a small paper for my Import/Export management class about trade disputes. The trade dispute I chose was between the EU to Brazil about taxes.

Without getting into too much detail, The EU is complaining that Brazil has too many tariffs and its stunting the amount of goods they can import into Brazil. Personally, I kinda think that the EU's complaints fall on deaf ears, because it's kinda dick-ish to try and change another sovereign country's tax policies. The complaint talks about taxes involving car, electronics, and some other stuff. But since this is a car website, I'll just ask about cars. How do Brazilian taxes involving cars affect the car industry in Brazil?

I know that VW has a long history of building cars in Brazil, which is why I chose a beetle as the picture for this post. I also know that Brazil fuels its cars with sugar cane ethanol, along with diesel and petrol. Do cars in Brazil cost more than they would in neighboring countries?

One of the articles i'm Citing: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-re… .