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Where’s the block heater?

This is my roommate’s 2014 Juke. Only 40,000km on it, including the move out here to the Rockies. Originally from the Ottawa area (Quebec side, I want to say around Wakefield), so I figure it’s probable there’s a block heater on it, although not thoroughly convinced because they seem to be getting rarer. While it’s not from Vancouver Island like the last Nissan of a similar vintage I met struggling without one, let’s face it, it’s not really all that cold in the Ottawa area either. But either way my cursory glance over didn’t locate anything. Google tells me block heaters do exist from the factory on the Juke, but I couldn’t find anything as to where they’d be in the engine block.


This thing bricked itself in the driveway the first or second night it dropped to -30, and acted like the battery was dead, with no response from the remote starter except blinking lights, then nothing after a couple of days. Per my roommate, who hasn’t seemed to care much about it blocking me in until a couple weeks later and a couple morning walks to work at or below -40 before the windchill got factored in. I brought the battery in last night as a frozen block but no split case, let it thaw overnight, then charged and tested it. It’s only dropping to 10V under load so it’s not fucked-fucked and would likely be okay for the summer but still tests bad. And since it’s got all the obnoxious battery-draining remote start, keyless entry and start stuff and only gets used a couple times per week, it’s getting replaced. I’m pretty sure that will cure the unreliable cold-weather performance this thing has shown so far, but we’d still like to locate a block heater if it has one, or at least confirm it doesn’t.

Bonus set of three real SUVs that are arguably competitive in current generation but couldn’t be more different from each other for your time, plus one more “off-roader” in the back ground.

Illustration for article titled Paging cold weather Juke people (person?)

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