Paging Corvette Oppos. Ownership Experience/Opinions Wanted.

I’m going to test drive a car that has never been and is not currently on my “want” list. It’s not that I don’t like them, they’re just not my style. However one of my co workers who is also a car head is tired of listening to my 997 woes. He also hates Subaru’s, and can’t understand why I don’t want a Mustang. He says, “How could you even consider going $35 grand on a Subaru when you can have a Z06 for the same money!”

I’ve been behind the wheel of a few Corvettes. All of them C5's and none of them a Z06. I’ve always been impressed, but in addition to not being a “wheelhouse” car for me I can’t picture driving one every day. I feel like I would scrape up the nose on everything and spend a zillion dollars a month on gas.


Anyway, possibly this weekend but most likely next I’m set to drive a C6 Z06 with with three pedals and a fixed roof. Like most corvettes, it has barely been driven. 17k on the clock.

I would love to hear from someone that has/does drive one daily, but all thoughts, opinions, and advice are welcome.

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