I need a diagnosis.

About 30 miles into our 1300 mile road trip, our AC ceased being cold. 10 minutes later we hit some traffic that was going about 30mph and the AC kicked back on and last for about another 30 miles. We hit some more traffic, dipped down to 30mph, and went back up to 70mph. Once we hit 70, the AC died for good.

Details on the car: 2008 Saab 97-x with the 5.3. 115k miles. AC belt has been changed. Belt is moving, but there is a nice whine coming from that area. When I hit the AC button, I don’t hear any difference in the whine or hear any other change in noise (ie clicking).

My guess is the compressor clutch gave up the ghost. Your thoughts? Here’s a pic of the NY Turnpike. It’s been over 90 degrees all day.


Also, why does my Android keyboard randomly disappear while typing in Kinja?