So wife was driving to work this morning, and spots a deer carcass in the road too late to avoid without jumping the median or hitting another vehicle. In addition to ripping off the belly plate, the the entire bottom of the car was coated in deer poop, entrails and animal matter, though mechanically it looks like there’s no damage. She nursed it into the park and ride a block away and told me to come take a look at the car as it smelled horrible.

I went up to the park and ride, took one look at the scene above, and headed to the nearest Target to get some gloves and garbage bags. I pulled the entrails away from the driveshaft, crossmember and exhaust pipes as best I could then headed over to the closest touchless wash to get an underside spray.


It’s much better, but the car still smells horrible inside and out. I was going to put it on ramps and attack with soap, water and an all purpose household cleaner, but if anyone has any better techniques or ideas let me know.

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