So a few friends and I are planning on doing the Gambler 500 in Oregon in a few weekends and of course we still haven’t gotten our shit together on a car quite yet(If anyone is wondering what the Gambler 500 is, watch the video at the bottom).

Our current frontrunner is this:

Apologies we’re looking at one of your favorites for an event that’s so rough on vehicles, but if we end up landing it(sounds like we aren’t the only interested party) what would you do if you had two weeks to prep a questionable Tercel for a 500 mile off-road rally/what would you check as definite red flags? We’re balling on a $500 budget so we’ll overlook a lot of faults, but are there any common issues that would be too much to fix in two weeks and make it not-fit for this sort of abuse?

Also, if anyone has a line on a good Gambler candidate in the Portland area(would potentially make a longer trip to Seattle or Bend for the right car) send it my way! We are especially interested in oddballs such as the Tercel and V8/RWD land yachts but open to pretty much any suggestions.