Paging Hammerheadfistpunch and other off-roaders

I’m looking at upgrading from the factory Goodyears on the F150. Goodyear is evil and I both will not spend money on them, and do not want them advertised on my vehicle.

I’m looking at the BFG KO2 and the General Grabber ATX. Any experience with either?


Unfortunately I’m somewhat size limited as I have 20 inch wheels, and I do not desire to buy wheels plus tires. So, I’m looking at OEM 275/55/20. Use will be primarily paved road, but I have been getting more adventurous and would like the capability of mud, rock, dirt etc. They will be used year-round so if other suggestions are made I’d like them to have the 3 peak winter rating as both of these do.


Winder Towing for your time.

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