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Paging IT Oppos

Do any of you have any Cisco certs? If so do you know of any companies/schools/organizations that do in person “bootcamp” style courses. I asked my employer if they would pay for me to get CCNA certified, and they agreed. However I won’t do an online course (that style of learning does not work for me.) I need to be in a classroom or one on one.


I could do what I’ve done with all of my other certs. Take practice tests until the material has been beaten into my brain, then go and take the exam. However, since my employer will pay for training I’d like to use that opportunity and actually learn it. Instead of passing a test and then figuring it out when I need to in the real world.

I found a company that will come onsite and do it in a week, but they want $12k I’m guessing my company will spring for about half of that.

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