I'm doing an article on this marvelous CJ-5, and would love if you could chime in on a few points, as i don't really know what kind of regard they are held in the US of A.

Yes, that's me cos-playing Mr. Toad right there. Anyway, this is from 1966, and was originally ordered by the Swiss Army. So it's a CJ, with a heater and 12V electronics, but it has a rifle mount for the driver. It was made even more special for me by the fact it has a Hurricane under the hood, and three on the floor, so is as close to the original MB design, as possible in a CJ-5. I love this car, and can completely see why would someone keep it as a classic. However, there are questions.

For instance I would love to know what you think about the CJ-5, if it's a workhorse, or already a classic or maybe a hobby vehicle used for off-roading? Are there still many on the road, and how are values? And what would be the engine of choice in a CJ-5?


I was also thinking about the CJ-7. It would seem to me from what i gather, that that was a more fun oriented, almost an SUV, with road usability and interior space also taken in regard - in effect the idea behind the Wrangler, in nascent form. What's your take on that?

Oh, and is a Wrangler a worthy successor in light of the CJ series, or should one just go original, for that true Jeep feeling?


And a technical thing. I read in spec sheets that before 1976 the CJ-5 had a Dana 44 rear axle, and then read about some modern-day off-roading application, and this Dana 44 crops up again. I admit to be completely in the blank when it comes to live axles, so enlighten me: is this really the same Dana 44 half a century later, or is this just a name, but a much more modern design behind it?

cheers all