So... the time has come to “get ‘er done” on the lights. I’ve laid out how I think it should work, but I need to know whether having all 4 XL Sports running off one battery connection/fuse/switch is too much for them or not.

From the Baja Designs the Wattage/Amps of each light is 26W / 2A which would mean the total draw would be 104W / 8A?. The switch appears to be 15A as well.

Do I need a relay? If so, what kind? I am pretty out of my depth with electrical shit. Mounting the bar is going to be a different ballpark for me too.... but I can do it.

From left to right below you can see how the power/switch wires split into the two paths that hook up to the four lights.


Below is the switch, battery terminal connections and the fuse (15 amp).


Here is a closeup of a second set of switches/connections and fuses from the second set of lights (comes in 2 sets of 2).

Here is a closeup of the fusebox. Really high quality!!


Wish me luck, starting this tomorrow.