Paging Mr. Nader. Mr. Nader to the white courtesy phone!

Remember that Integra on the front page that somebody had stuffed a 500ci Cadillac engine in to the back of? And how it was undrivable? That car was a perfectly sane purchase compared to this baby.

Here we have a 1965 Corvair, not with the lovely air-cooled engine that God and GM designed it to have, but with an Oldsmobile 455 likely from a Toronado.


This cream puff runs and stops and everything! What it doesn’t seem to have had is a plan to make it a drivable car and not a hopeless hooptie destined to be hooned once and then parked and forgotten. But who am I to judge? If you would like to drop $3k on this lovely example of backwoods engineering it can be yours with a simple click

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