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Paging Nashville, TN Oppos

So, I own a Land Rover Discovery 2 and i like to off road in it. Much like Doug Demuro, I enjoy being in a nice place while traversing rocks and mud. However, I recently removed the active roll control pump, as it is prone to failing and catastrophic damage. Now 3 weeks after I removed the entire system, my power steering is failing. It seems to be a blockage in the lines, as it causes difficult steering and after shutting the engine down during research yesterday, it over-pressured the fluid out of the reservoir. I'm assuming this could be a bad pump, bad reservoir, and also blocked lines. The fluid is looking pretty nasty and definitely needs to be changed. But here is my problem, I have rudimentary tools, mostly useful for changing brake pads and oil. I will be purchasing the parts I need but I need a place to work and if possible a friend to help out. I am confident in my ability to wrench on the ole girl. I also have a 2 different video walkthroughs on how to replace all the parts, so I'm curious if any Nashville oppos would like to meet up and turn some wrenches and have a few beers. Generally speaking, it sucks to spend 10 years after high school in the military and get out and have no friends. I find it very awkward to make friends now. I've moved to a new city, away from family, I have a new job but most people in my field don't really get into cars like I do. Also if anyone knows of a short term mechanics garage rental that would be awesome. We had those on the various military bases I was stationed at and I spent many hours and cases of Yuengling working on fellow Marines cars and trucks. Cheers and have an insane Disco for your time.


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