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Paging Nibby.

Illustration for article titled Paging Nibby.

I write in my free time, and I have copious amounts of free time (So much so that I have a shot novel) so I have a lot of short stories scattered across my hard drive. Since sharing your comics I though you might take liking to this one.


Here’s to hoping its enjoyable.

“I did not ask for help!” She screamed from the top of her lungs. But we persisted trying to knock the door down. “Stop it or I’ll jump!” she warned of my sergeants looked at me, confused at to what to do about it. I nodded; we continued kicking the door until it finally surrendered to us.


The well-lit, and warm hall was contrasted with the dark apartment, whose windows let in the bone-chilling cold curtesy of this winter’s night. The strong breeze made her large skirt dance in the wind, we knew this because in front of us she stood on the windowsill, her dancing skirt and figure blocking out whatever moonlight tried to come inside. Past her only the city and a 1000 foot abyss remained.

“I said stop it you creeps!” She shouted, delivered by the now visible vapour coming out of her mouth.

“Ma’am let me help you” I said calmly from a distance in the hopes she would listen to me.

“Enough you creep! I am fine! please let me do this!” She answered.

But I resisted. I walked towards her. “Come on ma’am, lets talk about this” I said. She looked right back at me: the light of the hall let me see her face, her eyes; swollen with tears, and her make up coming apart.


“I will jump officer” She threatened.

I looked straight into her eyes and I clenched my fists, she was scared of me despite wishing to take her life. “I don’t buy it” I said while looking away.


“what!” The woman asked surprised.

“I don’t think you have what it takes ma’am” I answered, softly.

“Oh like you know what it takes officer, Yeah sure! Do tell me officer, what does it take?” She told me.


By now I was just feet away from her, So I put myself against a wall and searched for my cigarettes. She remained staring at me for the entire exchange until I answered.

“It takes a hate of life, It takes a disrespect for life. It takes selfishness and pettiness. Now, I do not know you ma’am, but my gut says you don’t have what it takes.” I said confidently as I smoked.


“Look at you, making a fucking scene… making us come here and fucking beg. What is it that is bothering you, huh? ” I asked.

She looked empty, as if she realized something, but I could smell her stubbornness, her unwillingness to see past what was immediately bothering her


“What is it that you want to hear, officer?” she asked.

I came closer to her and answered “The truth ma’am. So climb down and let us help you” I said, striking a lighter tone, as if she had made me feel moved.


She looked into the moonlight and said to me:

“I don’t buy it” as she softly let go.

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