I have declared 2017 to be the year of my life when I get a new(er) motorcycle. I’ve been riding around on my old 1985 nighthawk 650. It’s a great bike, but it’s an old bike so every 500-1000 miles I replace a thing. Nothing bad, nothing awful, I’m just a little tired of it and want something more capable. I’m leaning very heavily towards a KLR 650. But the honda NC700X, CTX700, CB500X, and possibly a Vstrom 650 are on my list.

For most of these bikes it’s about ratcheting up the mileage. All of them will gobble up a hundred miles in an afternoon and go “Mmmm, that was lovely. Care for more?”. Buuuuuuuut.....KLR means dirt trails. And I think it’s the only one capable of doing more than just a dirt fire road. But am I wrong?

Does anyone know if the NC700X or the V-strom 650 or the like can be off-road capable with some new suspension or something?


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