Since several of us lamented the razing of a cabin so that yet another monstrous house could be built, I thought I would post the outdoor shower I built as part of the bathroom renovation on our cabin.

By renovate bathroom, I mean remove old bathroom like a tumor. Anyway, outdoor shower are popular in our area, with several cottages not even having an indoor shower. Our old shower was poorly constructed and lacked any semblance of privacy, so my goal was to make it a key feature in the remodel.

After the actual inside bathroom was done, I framed up a floor and walls. I sheathed the exterior of the cottage with cement board where all of the fixtures would be installed. That sheet of plywood is a doorway into the bathroom proper.


Next up some handsome cedar fence boards for privacy. This is very visible from the road, otherwise it would have been shorter.

Finally, inside I lined the floor with salvaged bricks and mortared beach stone on the wall. Look closely and you’ll see two shower tiles and a yellow handled diverter valve. The valve is just a three way ball valve that directs water either to the main shower head or to the shower tiles.


This the single best shower experience of my life. There’s just something awesome about showering in the open air. I highly recommend it.

I actually do a TON of personal projects like these. I’ll post more if there’s an interest.

Oh yeah, here’s the rest of the bathroom, but I’ll never use it. The outdoor shower is too awesome.