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If a certain Miata-loving opponaut was to consider starting up another service-based business, he’d probably want to start off with a compact Ranger-sized pickup, and an 8ft bed. Lower the better. What options are there?


Vans are out, at least for a first vehicle. I have no qualms about buying new or CPO, but nobody makes a truck that even comes close to what I want anymore. Vintage trucks aren’t my thing either, especially for something like this.

Quick Google-fu says there wasn’t a longbed Ranger, and my knowledge on Toyota trucks is limited. Best option might be a 2000's Tundra with a lowering kit of some kind..?


Standard Ranger would be fine.... But I’d like to offer more services right out of the gate than my first business, which means a bigger bed!

Service body truck would be ideal, but I can’t afford to drop that much initially.



I miss working outside. I miss knowing that every bit of work I put into something represents a solid return. I miss the earning potential that could see me in a house sooner rather than later. And with everything I’ve learned at my last job, I’m a million times better prepared to start a business than I was initially. So, I need a work rig!

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