Paint Chip Advice Wanted

Hello all, my car has a LOT of paint chips in the hood. I was thinking about selling it but circumstances have changed and I’ll probably be keeping it. As a result I’ve been doing some repairs that I was putting off.


Theres also a little bit of cracking in the paint above the Toyota badge that I’m not sure what to do with.


Anyway, I have very limited experience with fixing paint chips. I’ve tried the little bottles but never had good results. I wanted to know:

  • If you have had good results
  • What products you got the best results with
  • About how much it would cost to do myself or If I paid a detailer
  • Anything you think could be helpful

I’m also considering purchasing a bug deflector for my Corolla to try to cover up the front edge and hopefully limit more from happening. I was thinking about one of these styles and would like thoughts on that as well.


They both cost about $40 for the record. I’m leaning towards the better as it sits flush with the hood instead of popped up but this might make it less effective. I think I prefer it without one at all but it could cover up the cracking and protect that area from spreading.

Thanks for any advice and for reading.

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