If I had to describe the paint on my 1980 Celica stock car, I would call it “diverse”. It seems to have been painted, then plastidipped, then painted over the dip. Basically, nobody was planning on it ever looking any way other than how it looks right now...which looks bad.

Illustration for article titled Paint/Dip Stripping Recommendations Wanted

Initially I planned to just prime over the existing paint job and go from there, but as I pull vinyl off the car, I’m pulling lots of paint/dip off as well. So now I kinda want to just strip the thing...or at least the really big shit.

My number one idea is an angle grinder with a flap disc. It would eat the paint for lunch, but it only covers a small area at a time. It would make quick work of all the dip and vinyl, however, and thats appealing to me.


Anybody got a better idea than my dumb one?

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